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Your internet site needs visitors, that means you need to promote your site to attract traffic. You have 2 general ways in which you can do this - passive promotion, or active promotion. As you will see, passive promotion will provide you with a greater return on your time and money - in the event that you give it time!

Reason number 3 - PPC ads typically create a very low conversion rate. So meaning you pay for many clicks that don't produce subscribers or buyers. You're just throwing your hard earned dollars at Google and getting nothing in return.

The the reality is that conducting business online requires content. You likely have seen a few sites that contained nothing but an specialty ads by bench craft banner. These sites usually do not last long. Why? Because people want useful information not just a sales page and search-engines want content. It's tough to build a customer base and get referrals if individuals have nothing to take. The key to online success is to give both groups precisely what they want.

Interview the publisher-preferably by phone but truly by email-before you place your ad. There are necessary pieces of info to understand or perhaps you are soon parted with your money.

Once you obtain a video or two up, start churning them out. Focus your efforts into a campaign, where each of your individual videos is just a smaller part of a larger whole. Create a synergy around your total human body of content. If you can get a new viewer with one video to check out more, your chances of a successful call to action rise.

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The days of putting your message available and "hoping" for feedback are gone. With social networking, the feedback is instant. Good or bad. Right now. In the minute.

Reason number 7 - Your PPC ads are fair game for click fraud. Even your competitors will click on your ads to see what you're doing. If you're earning profits, no problem, if you aren't. expensive problem.

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